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Who We Are

Sunny brae coffee first saw the light as an offspring of Clementine Cafe Deli in 2015. After a few years of getting familiar with home roasting, Clément Dugas realized there was an opportunity to supply coffee for his own coffee shop. Quickly, Sunny brae Coffee was able to establish amazing relationships with some of Moncton's essential businesses. Today, their coffees are available in boutiques and cafes all around the province and ship across the country.

We have decided since day one to source only organic, high quality, fairly traded coffees for respect for the earth and for the people who dedicate their lives to developing and farming some of the world's best coffee.  We are continually honing our craft and hope to keep growing as a part of  the community in the most modest approach. 


We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do and thank you for your support and interest.        

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